Downunder Magnesium

“My wife purchased some magnesium products from you earlier this year at the markets at Peregian Beach. She has found them to be generally very good. She has used the magnesium super stick particularly and it has been fantastic in removing the brown markings and brown moles from her chest and under her breast.”

Allan & Anne Smith
Magnesium spray

Hi Karen, “I purchased a couple of bottles of magnesium spray from you when we visited the Eumumdi Market in early December. Amazing Product.”

Mark Victoria
magnesium flakes in bath

Hi Karen, “I absolutely loved the magnesium and it really works for my restless leg and cramping. Great product, we love it.”

Kaye - Melbourne
Downunder Magnesium

Hi Karen, “I started using your magnesium for pain management as well as stress. It’s bloody magic! Hubby is going to start getting into it tonight. We’ll track our usage and compare it against your product range so we can customise our next package when we’re running low.”

Cathie Wilson
magnesium flakes in bath

“Thank you Karen and Downunder Magnesium. Your magnesium is working well for me I’m very happy will be in touch to order more soon.”

1l Magnesium Oil

“I bought some of your Downunder Pure Organic Magnesium 250ml spray at Eumundi Markets in September for my husband’s problem with foot discomfort during the night.  It seems to be relieving the problem, so I would like to order a few more bottles.”

Jenny Dunn
magnesium super stick

Hi Karen, “Great product, finally found something that works.”

Nigel Bliss